How We Can Help

Formed with an emphasis on producing quality work with outstanding customer service, Peake Technologies prides itself of exceeding expectations in the web development space.

We are fully capable of taking on any project presented to us and delivering the best solution for your money. By refusing to take short cuts, we can assure the job is done right the first time.

Founded in 2015, Peake Technologies combines the nearly 40 years of experience of its founders, Mark Kenney and Corey Jenkins. Together they’ve worked on projects for organizations ranging from Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, McCormick, Yum Brand!, University of Pennsylvania, United Nations Environmental Programme, University of Maryland, United States Department of Agriculture, and Virginia Commonwealth University.

Our capabilities include:

IT Project Management
WordPress and Drupal CMS Development
Data Management
Web System Design & Development
Billing Design

Server Architecture
iOS Application Development
Data Visualization
Graphic Design
Managed Hosting
Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Peake Technologies will work with your organization each step of the way to help you reach your business goals.

No matter how high you aim, we will be there to support you.